A downloadable game for Windows

PC Simulator is a game about having a adventure inside your PC!

It was your first time using your PC, You decide to browse the web, But you have fallen for a FREE GIFTCARD scam and have been pulled into your own PC by a Powerful Virus!

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Published35 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsVisual Novel

Install instructions

Download the file and then unzip the file. If you are experiencing any issues please tell me, Do not change or delete any files. May not run if your ram is low. 


PC Simulator Full Game v1.0 (All Chapters) (2 MB)
PC Simulator Demo v1.0 (Chapter 1) (2 MB)

Development log


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Hey there! I made a thread asking for games to play on YouTube, and you replied and linked me to this game. When i tried to launch it, it says "failed to load game engine".

Sorry, what version did you download

Go to game files and  paste here what it reads (go to file named log)

Nothing is written in it.

Hi, Do you have DirectX 9.0 installed on your computer if not install it here


You know, i don't think this game will work for me. I'll see another one of your games.